Colombia Coal Due Diligence – Senior management of one of the largest US coal producers hired Clearview to perform a confidential analysis of significant Colombian coal assets that were offered for sale. Clearview identified a combination of environmental, permitting and local community hurdles as high risk issues. Result: decision not to invest – savings of tens of millions in potential liabilities.

U.S. Hydraulic Fracturing – The Board of Directors of one of the largest U.S. hydraulic fracturing equipment manufacturer and upstream oil and gas service company hired Clearview to advise the board on emerging state-federal policy conflicts in the United States and their impact on investment.   Result: Board approval for a series of acquisition transactions based on long term growth perspective.

Brazil Energy Efficiency Technology – The Board and senor management of a leading LED technology manufacturer hired Clearview to introduce the company to Brazilian utilities, energy sector investors and energy efficiency experts.   Result: Clearview organized a successful multi-day visit with top Brazilian energy experts to assess the technology and address market entry issues.


Kurdistan Upstream – A U.S. investment fund was keen to enter the emerging Kurdistan oil and gas market. Clearview assembled the team and accompanied he investment process from start to finish. Result: With Clearview support, the company successfully navigated the complex Iraq and KRG political and obtained several concessions in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Mexico Natural Gas Pipelines – One of the largest U.S. car manufacturers required that a natural gas pipeline be permitted and built in Mexico in time for the operation of the paint-drying facilities at the new plant. Clearview was hired to obtain the permits and kick-start the pipeline construction. Result: Clearview permitted the pipeline in record time and construction was completed to allow the plant to open as scheduled.

Advanced LED Lighting Technology – One of the leading producers of high-technology networked LED lights was pursuing a significant project in Central America. The senior management team hired Clearview to help arrange ministerial and presidential meetings to advance the project. Result: Multiple Presidential and ministerial meetings were arranged. The company ultimately determined not to pursue the project based on commercial considerations.