Clearview Strategy Group is an international energy consultancy that advises companies operating, serving or investing in the energy, extractive and related industries. We work directly with clients to identify opportunities, develop market entry strategies and assist companies directly “on the ground” with potential partners and investors.

We advise the senior management of oil companies, oil and gas service companies, utilities, equipment manufacturers and select technology companies. We also help investors, insurance companies and other financial institutions evaluate the ‘above ground’ risks of proposed energy sector projects and deals.

Current projects include market entry and investment support in several markets for new diesel engine technology, upstream support in Iraq and Turkey for a major oil services company, project development for a mid-sized E & P company, advisory support for a new LED technology company and advisory support for upstream projects in Mexico and Colombia.

Asia and Africa

Over the past five years, we have worked on a number of complex upstream projects mainly focused on the emerging markets of East Africa. These projects have involved a combination of market analytics and government relations. We also have a strong team of African and Asian energy experts that we work with on a case by case basis.

We do this by providing expert counsel in three key practice areas:

  • Business intelligence and insight (Insight) Often the key to success in international projects is the initial assessment of the opportunity or project.   The initial assessment must include not only the technical, legal and financial context but also the national and regional political environment. Energy projects often become politicized quickly and our expertise is in analyzing all of the factors that will contribute to a projects success. Many costly errors emerge from an initial misread of the politics. As Will Rogers said, “It isn’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble, it’s what we know that ain’t so.”
  • Strategy development (Insight) A successful energy project is based on both accurate If business intelligence and a clear strategy that can be implemented in a reasonable time. At Clearview, we have worked on dozens of energy projects around the world in diverse economies, different governing systems and different cultures. We understand what works and what doesn’t and how to develop a strategy that works with the local culture and not against it.
  • Project development and implementation (Action) Companies need to be thoughtful about how they follow strategy with action. Often the strategy development and the project implementation are not joined at the hip, or are in two separate locations or do not communicate well or are in different divisions – the list goes on. At Clearview we have the means to follow-up our strategy with the early stage actions needed to cement a project in place. We then work with management and board s to identify the appropriate local and international leadership to transition the project as the right time.

Upstream/Midstream Oil and Gas – Market analytics, project development and investment climate    Natural Gas – Market analytics, project analysis and development

Energy Equipment and Services – Market entry, major customers and local partner due diligence    Renewable Energy – Market analytics and project development

LED and Advanced Energy Technology – Market entry, local partners and commercial strategy    Power Generation – Market analytics, government permits and project development