Latin America

LatinAmericaClearview has experience in all the major Latin American energy markets from Mexico to Argentina but has pursued the majority of projects in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia. Experience in the region includes development of power plants, renewable power projects, pipelines, natural gas distribution systems. Clearview has also advised management and board teams on asset operations and has experience operating natural gas distribution systems in Mexico. We have also assisted companies looking for upstream concessions on a confidential basis. Current projects include: Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Peru


Europe and the Middle East

middleeastClearview has been active developing projects in the Middle East since 2004 and has performed extensive projects throughout  Iraq, from Basra to Kurdistan including projects in the Kirkuk region.  We have been especially successful in Kurdistan where we worked with a number of clients in their successful efforts to obtain production sharing agreements.




Asia and Africa

AfricaClearview has worked on a number of projects in the emerging East African oil and gas markets.  In particular, we have focused on the growing opportunities in the Eastern Rift Valley, especially in Uganda and Kenya. We have also pursued offshore projects for several of the more recent East African producers.